Thursday, November 20, 2008

I always find it so comforting and rewarding when working on my jewelry designs.
I have had this pendant in my possession for awhile but now that Christmas is coming I am trying to design as many pieces as possible for my show.
I don't know what it is about Marcasite but I am addicted to it. It seems to find its way into all of my pieces.
I think it's my romantic side. To me it looks like something you would discover going through your Grandmother's jewelery box. I happen to adore estate jewelry.
As you can tell I tend to do alot with black onyx. I wear black alot and so do a majority of my clients.
Basic black is timeless and elegant. Most of my creations will probably become heirlooms because the design is so timeless.
I like Swarovski crystal alot also. To me it adds sparkle and dimension to my creations.
If you would like to see this design in more detail you can visit my etsy website at:

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