Monday, December 22, 2008

I have been so busy the last couple of days between finishing up all my jewelry orders that were due before Christmas and actually getting ready for Christmas.
December is a crazy month in our house anyway. My husband's birthday is Dec. 15, my daughter's in Dec. 21st. (pictured next to me) and my son is Dec. 25th. Christmas day you read it right.
My gorgeous daughter turned 21 on Sunday. So I have been busy helping her usher in her legality.
My house is all abuzz with holiday festiveness and birthday business.
But I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all my fellow bloggers and jewelry designers out there a very Blessed Holiday.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Rush

Oh the weather outside is frightful, as the song goes but all of us I am sure are trugging alone trying to finish out holiday shopping. I am done thank god, but just have to wrap everything.
Christmas is always a special time of year for us because my son Vincent was born on Christmas day so on top of all else I have to make him feel extra special and not "jipped" in anyway that day. No small feat I might add. Usually we have the mad rush of openning presents, family comes later, more opening of presents. It has gotten smaller over the years thank god because 8 years ago when I first moved into my house all I saw was a sea of wrapping paper 10ft deep.

Usually after dinner, I clear the table put out the birthday tablecloth and then we switch into birthday gear for my son, who by the way I would have named Nicholas in a heart beat if I didn't have to follow tradition and name him after my husband, If I had had a girl that day trust me she would have been named Noel. The way I look at it it is a sign to be born on Christ's birthday and my son is a very special little boy.
Wishing you all Happy Holidays.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

With the holiday season fast approaching I have had many sleepless nights working on all my designs trying to get them ready for the holidays.
I am so lucky that I enjoy what I do otherwise it would become so tedious.
I hosted my annual holiday jewelry show last week to the delight of all my friends and neighbors who egearly await my newest creations.
They are my biggest fans and costumers.
I do alot of custom work because my costumers once they get a look at my work want jewelry in every color. Which I oblige them without remorse.
I have to say I gravitate to marcasite alot because I truly think it's elegant and timeless. It has that antique feeling.
I also like sterling silver pendants that I can get "funky" with the beads that I string around them.
Well, please visit my shop for that something special for the Holidays.
Wishing you the very best.