Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Michael's communion

I have not been on to post lately since my every waking moment has been consumed with preparing my 7yr old Michael for his 1st Holy Communion.
It was this past Saturday May 9th. I have to say I am exhausted. It was more like a wedding than anything else.
I have 4 children and my husband that I needed to find outfits for. Not including myself (which for several days before I was planning on wearing my birthday suit) I always save me for last as most mother's do.
Table seating charts, place cards, balloons, favors, banners to make. EXHAUSTED.
But I am happy to report everything went smoothly and effortlessly.
AND ITS OVER.........
Now life has returned to quiet nothingness, which I am enjoying.
He was a perfect angel that day and I stressed over nothing. But I am typically a worrier by nature and somewhat of a perfectionest...
I actually had time before the communion to design 3 new pieces. I will show them tommorrow.
Well have a great day....

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Tonni said...

That is one cool cake!